Volume <-> Length <-> Weight

Do you know, how many meter of 3d printing filament do you need for your next print?
Do you know, what volume your can print with a given lenght or weight of 3d printing filament?
Do you know, what weight of 3d printing filament you need on your spool, to finish your next print successfull?

With this calculator, you can convert the length of 3d printing filament into the weight of the 3d printing filament and the volume of the 3d printed model. You can also upload an STL-file* to determinate this values and you'll also see a slighlty buggy preview of the model.

As Material Presettings we have PLA, PLA/PHA, ABS, PETG, TPU, PA6 and PA12. But you can insert your very own, custom material and also use other density settings for the calculation.

* When uploading a STL-File, the volume gets calculated with a 100% infill pattern (your worst case ;-) )
Last updated: 07.01.2019 Found a bug, which used data from hidden form elements to calculate some properties.